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My experience is bad, bad business practices by scott bakhit a hammer for hire. At my front door, this guy scott bakhit wreaked of hard booze during the day, and he got very INTIMIDATING and aggressive when i complained about him not fulfilling the job terms. so i am giving him a bad review, a hammer for hire in omaha SUCKS, not professional - at all - whatsoever - in all ways. scott bakhit does not keep promises. take the money and run type, is my thought.

CUSTOMERS COME FIRST/ NO WAY. Scott Bakhit IS loud and crass and acts and smells like a MAJOR greasy drunk. Worse yet, he was seen in town using his pre-teen son to sell roofs. that is so wrong. his son looked miserable. i think scott bakhit shouldn't be in charge of any children. i hear he is hard up for money. still no reason to use a child during a sales pitch.

So, based on my bad experience with A hammer for hire, i think portly scott bakhit is a BIG FAT *** LOSER, who i would NEVER NEVER RECOMMEND HIRING. white trash variety. i also think he drinks beer all day while he does zero work. i know for a fact that he - subcontracts out the work - to poor *** hispanics in south o. oh. No wonder.

scott bakhit is an ex ***, i have recently discovered. that says it all.

no, i would not recommend scott bakhit a hammer for hire to my worst enemy!

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States #605390,,, a hammer for hire omaha scottbakhit/bakhitenterprisesllc scottbakhit2 google+, see if he was as honest as he says he is why so many names? Cuz hes a crook


just go to ripoff type in a hammer for hire or ahammer4hire, or scott bakhit you will find everything there.

A Crook & Thief - Scott Bakhit - A Hammer For Hire Waterloo NE

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I had the unfortunate experience knowing & doing business for Scott Bakhit, owner A Hammer For Hire, Waterloo, NE. In 2011, Bakhit commissioned me to create a logo, slogan, bio, copywriting, graphic design, website, legal contracts, advertising & online video commercial - entire marketing image, in a contract witnessed by a third party. He breached the contract. So, on several occasions, I tried haphazardly to obtain payment for services rendered. Bakhit made it absolutely clear he would "NEVER PAY YOU A DIME!" Yet he loves my work. See my work I did for Bakhit here.

Instead, of being a stand-up businessman, Bakhit verbally threatened me. "I am going to get you blacklisted from" And, "I am going to come over and remove the garage door off your home," a gift he had given me. Bakhit & sorry cohort Cindy Charon-Jacobsen Arlington NE launched an ongoing defamation/libel campaign against my business online with bogus "reviews," using fake names and degrading my work. The irony is that Bakhit loves my work so much - he can't part with it! See here!

On Facebook he wrote, "My Video Rocks. Thanks Susie!" Read the glowing testimonial Bakhit wrote about Stern PR here!

Fearing wrath, I let him keep the website, and "use" a low-resolution copy proof of the logo (I never gave him a full resolution copy of logo 'cause I sensed he would renege on contract). I also let him "use rent-free" and embed Stern PR Video for A hammer For Hire- on his website home page. I added my copyright to it - for non-payment. I control the video on the Stern PR Youtube Channel.

When Bakhit uploaded my video all over the internet, I sent him notice. Pay up or take down. He then verbally threatened to make my life miserable. He demanded I send him the logo files. I replied, "pay up or you get nada."

I blocked Bakhit from calling/texting. Bakhit has tried to "SEND ME A MESSAGE" like a mobster want-a-be. Two days ago, he obessively phoned my best friend three times in one hour. She purposely did not answer. Bakhit had his son phone another best friend of mine. She would not - give Bakhit the time of day. The mode-of-operation of Scott A. Bakhit in the past - has been to USE people as a conduit to threaten and bully into submission.

I have a top Omaha corporate attorney on stand by should I decide to file a defamation and breach of contract lawsuit. That said, I prefer to just turn the cheek, so I never have to see this horrible human being/thug ever again. Notice, if the online defamation continues, and the harassment does not end - I shall not hesitate to take legal action. One more libelous move Bakhit, and the video on my youtube channel is coming down - forever.

I believe in standing up for my rights. Protect my copyright work. I will not let this bonafide crook with a criminal record bully me into submission - anymore. I just want to be left alone.

Scott Bakhit is a dangerous individual. Imagine waking up every day lately in fear, and having to find more malicious reviews of my business - my bread-and-butter authored by Bakhit & Charon-Jacobsen. I admit one mistake, I SHOULD HAVE listened to ALL the people who came to me - warning me - long ago that Scott A. Bakhit is a crook. Go away Bakhit. You are a user.

Thank you,

Susan Stern

Stern PR Marketing Omaha

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#537497 his new site and already the complaints against him are pliing up. Dont hire him he will never fix anything


I totaly agree he is a crook and a thief and i have pics to prove it!!

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